Who you gonna call?

Stephanie Shea

Who you gonna call?

When one of our fabulous Philadelphia sports teams wins a championship, Ampro gets the call.  For example, one of the happiest times that we ever spent working all night was after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl!  That night and the following days, we produced thousands of shirts, hats, and jerseys to satisfy the demand for Philadelphians who wanted to show their joy at the win and pride in their hometown team!  Yes, it was a long time coming, but that made the championship even sweeter, and we were thrilled to bea part of the excitement.  We even became part of the story when 6ABC and Fox arrived to feature our local business participating in the greater story of that historic win. And we can’t wait to do it again!

The high school, college, and professional teams in Philadelphia know whom to call—they call us! The quality of our work speaks for itself every day. Ampro has over 45 years of experience, and every order is custom made.  We have grown our capacity to handle orders in the hundreds of thousands, but we can also accommodate much smaller orders,and they are just as important to us.  

So whom are you going to call (email, order online) when youneed shirts for that family reunion or the Under 8 soccer team?  Well, that’s simple! Call us or come in toour showroom to choose exactly the right product for your needs.  

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