Tips for saving money on your custom apparel

Stephanie Shea
October 20, 2022
When you win, we win too!

Here are some tips to save money on your next apparel order.

Printing tips:

    ·  Use fewer print colors

     ·   Incorporate the color of the shirt into the design with negative space

     ·   Best print pricing breaks are at 144 pieces

     ·   Avoid ink color changes

     ·   Exact reorders have lower setup costs

     ·   Evaluate if you can use same print size on Youth and Adult shirts

Embroidery tips:

     ·   Embroidery costs drop significantly at 24 pieces

     ·   Making embroidery logos smaller helps cut costs

     ·   Drop fill stitches in embroidery logos and let the fabric show through

General tips:

     ·   Ask your salesperson for products on Sale or Clearance

     ·   Always order extras!  If you forget a couple people, running a few pieces later can be expensive.  

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