Event Merchandise/Private Label

There is only 1 rule for a concert t-shirt printer- deliver early!  When your merchandise is being delivered to a stadium where the tour will only stop for one day, deliveries require precision.  Ampro has been in the event merchandise business for 45 years; hitting our “promise dates” is ingrained in our culture and ethos.  We have the size and expertise to accommodate very large orders;  one of the largest high-volume print shops in the country, let alone Philadelphia.
As a trusted partner of the WWE, and key printer for several recent tours (The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, and more) we are known for making sure the t-shirts and hoodies look great and arrive on time.  Ampro also understands the nuances of packing and shipping for ease of distribution.  Heavy duty boxes are packed neatly and marked carefully with big bold labels to make it easy to put any unsold product back in to sell at the next show.


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