Screen printing is still the best way to print apparel in quantity.

And we're one of the best to do it.

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Screen printing is the art of using silkscreens to combine and layer individual colors to create a final image.

Since we typically print on fabric, which is porous and uneven, we do not use traditional CMYK, or "4 color process" printing similar to a magazine.   Each image must be broken down, or color separated, then artfully reconstructed to represent your original artwork on apparel.

Ampro prints full-color images on all types of garments better than anyone else in the nation, and our library of ink colors is unmatched!

Bigger is Better.

As the largest made-to-order print shop on the East Coast (maybe in the country) we can print upwards of 5,200 shirts per hour. That's 36,400 per shift, and over 10,000,000 per year. Nobody is that big! We're the real deal.

Softness matters!

Everyone would love their shirts to be printed with a soft layer of ink. Some images are meant to be bright and soft, and some are meant to be only soft. We will ask if you want your order printed "Vintage or Vibrant" to be sure we know what you're aiming for.

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