Bulk T Shirt Printing

Ampro is the leader in wholesale t-shirt printing programs with 45 years' experience and the largest print shop on the East Coast capable of printing over 30,000 shirts per shift
5,000 Shirts Printed
Starting At $4.50 Ea.
10,000 Shirts Printed
Starting At $3.95 Ea.
20,000 Shirts Printed
Starting At $3.50 Ea.
50,000 Shirts Printed
Starting At $2.95 Ea.

Wholesale Custom T Shirts

Working on a large custom printed t-shirt order?  Connect with us!  With our 45-year history as a wholesale t-shirt printer and the largest independent print shop on the East Coast, Ampro is a powerful resource.  

Bulk t-shirt printing requires concierge-level service.  From the moment you reach out to us, we are committed to walking through every step of the process with you; getting feedback, providing our experience, and offering suggestions.  Large t-shirt orders are typically for often to promote an important program or idea for your organization- so the stakes are high!  Ampro understands that and is committed to the idea of “Best. Shirt. Ever.”

Every order is approached by our team with these two questions in mind:  

1.     Would I wear this?

2.     Would I buy this?

If the answer is “yes!” the next step for a wholesale t-shirt print program is to send you a sample of your shirt with your custom art.

What qualifies as a Wholesale program?

Wholesale t-shirt programs are typically 2,400 custom printed t-shirts or more with the same print. Alternatively, if you have a program with a bunch of screenprint designs that are being purchased together, that is another way to qualify.  We routinely run orders of 10,000 t-shirts, 20,000 t-shirts, and even the occasional 100,000+ t-shirt order.  

Here’s why our experience as a wholesale t-shirt printer matters

1.     Our Promise is everything to us.  Ampro is the WWE's Event Merchandise partner for over 10 years, never missing a deadline.

2.     Our buying power- buying and making shirts at the lowest possible price

3.     Ampro has a 100,000 sq ft facility able to receive, print, store and distribute large orders easily

4.     Ability to print 35,000 prints per day in a regular 8-hour shift

5.     Nike, Adidas, & Fanatics contract Ampro for NFL, NBA, and MLB Championship printing after the game because we're huge. Ampro on the news

6.     Kitting, stickering, UPC and hangtag capabilities- wholesale custom t-shirt programs often require Retail packaging.

7.     Our printing equipment is best in class and American-made.  Check out our presses!

8.     Ampro is a key innovator in Hybrid Printing technologies- blending silkscreen and high-speed digital for the highest resolution printing possible.

9.     Large custom t-shirt orders can be complex; our experienced team aims to deliver every order the day before it’s needed.  

Step-by-Step Process for Wholesale T-shirt Print program

1. Connect with key account manager

2. Product selection (budget and usage based)

3. Pricing development

4. Sampling

5. Sample approval

6. Begin Production of Custom t-shirt program

7. Finalize shipping/kitting/distribution details

8. Confirm routing for t-shirt program

9. Celebrate with your new t-shirts!

How to select the perfect custom t-shirt for your program

Use: How is your team or business planning for your wholesale t-shirts to be used?

Don’t sweat this part of the process, our experienced team can suggest the best possible product based on how the custom shirts will be used and what kind of marketing impression you want to make. For use outside or working-out, our team will likely suggest a shirt with Polyester blended in; either 100% Polyester for Races and Mudder events, or a Cotton/Polyester blend for more commercial usage. Cotton is the most cost-effective option, though it’s possible to get 50/50 shirts and wicking polyester shirts at competitive prices now that they have become ubiquitous in the United States. Since Ampro is the largest wholesale t-shirt printer in the country, our buying discounts extend through these programs to save you money. Buy direct and save!!

Budget: What options are appropriate to consider based on budget constraints?

Every large order is price sensitive. Don’t be ashamed to tell us you need the cheapest t-shirt we can get, as quickly as possible. This ain’t our first rodeo. Wholesale custom t-shirt programs require our best possible discounts, and since we’re uniquely equipped to run these programs at our Philadelphia facility, not a penny is wasted in freight or handling. Cheap wholesale custom t-shirt programs are our specialty- though we know “cheap” is a bad word, we feel obligated to use it because that’s how someone may Google it! CHEAP. There, we said it. If you want to start with a baseline price for your wholesale print program, ask for a 100% cotton tee, approximately 5 ounces- we’ll just need to know how many you want, if you are printing both sides, and what color you think the shirt could be. White is the cheapest color though giveaways are often on shirt colors that shout your branding.

Timing: How fast do you need it and how fast can we print it?

Ampro is the largest independent wholesale printer in the country. Can we print 30,000 shirts in a day? Yes, we can and we did. Are there a lot of things that need to align for that to happen? Yes. So, even though our shop is capable of churning 30,000 shirts in a day, typically that needs to be planned in advance. Why? Because we keep our promises to ALL our clients. A promise is a promise. Your huge event is as important to us as the custom t-shirts for a little league’s opening day. We’re here to help you deliver your program early or on time, and still service our regular clients.

Factors that influence timing on a bulk custom t-shirt program:

1. When is it needed? We shoot to complete and deliver the day before you need it.

2. How fast can we get the goods ready? We keep a trailer load of soft black fashion t-shirts in our warehouse at all times for our concert/tour business, but many wholesale t-shirt programs require colors other than black.

3. How long will it take the get the sample approved by key stakeholders? We’ll sample it for free (at 2400 pieces and up) but connecting with all the deciding parties takes some coordination on your part.

4. How complex is the print? Ampro specializes in full color printing, so most of our equipment is full-color capable. But, low color prints can run event faster- so that bumps our speed up!

5. Is there kitting, fulfillment, or specialized packaging involved? If so, we work through the logistical details with you.

We are here to help! Ampro experts will walk you through every part of this process. Don’t worry about anything, we have the experience and capacity to make things happen quickly and keep our promises.


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